Told you so: pasta with sauce left over from the involtini

My mother was very bored the other day, fidgety and restless.  “Maybe it’s the weather,” she complained over the telephone.  It has indeed been very changeable and rainy too and not ‘typical’, lyrical, June weather at all.  “Shall I make some pasta for you?” she asked me almost fervently, in a desperate quest to pass the time.  So, noblesse oblige, of course I said yes, it would have been most mean-spirited not to.  She popped round a few hours later with the most gorgeous looking fresh pasta, speckled with green ‘bits’ that, upon closer inspection, turned out to be fresh basil.

Isn’t it amazing!  I can never get my fresh pasta to look like that!  Brava mamma!

And I had plenty of ‘sugo’ (sauce) left over from the involtini I had made  … told you so (see yesterday’s post).  All I had to do was grate some parmesan cheese and add it to the sugo, together with a blob of butter.

So thanks to my mother feeling bored and restless, dinner last night was a doddle to prepare, and most satisfying in a faux-frugal sort of way : fettuccine al sugo, a nice bowl of mixed salad leaves to follow, and plump cherries to finish off.

If you look closely you can see the basil …

And here are the cherries …

Same ceramic bowl, in case you were wondering … I took this photo first and then used the bowl for the pasta ….

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2 Responses to Told you so: pasta with sauce left over from the involtini

  1. Kathryn Gearheard says:

    I nearly swooned over that plain old ordinary involtini yesterday. Somehow my computer transferred the smell perfectly and I almost took a bite. But to top it off with your mother’s basil pasta today. Mama mia..I am tempted to grab the next flight to Rome because , though I can follow the recipe and source most of the ingredients here in the USA, it’s not the same as sitting at your table. Bravissimo!

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