Tiramisu for high temperatures

I am one of those people who eats raw fish, raw oysters, raw meat even (as in a carpaccio or steak tartare) and raw eggs but I do understand how people can worry over the issue of safety rearing its nasty head at raw food ingredients, especially when weather conditions are very very hot.

So, this post is about a safety-conscious tiramisu … exactly like any other tiramisu recipe except for one minor/major detail.  Let me explain.

Last year I had to teach a cooking class at an international school in Rome for youngsters aged anywhere between 12 and 15 and it was during July and we were working in swoon-making temperature conditions.  I happen to love the heat and all the sultriness that it entails but it’s real nuisance as regards keeping food from going off and one has to be ultra careful with hygiene.    A lovely just-made tomato sugo can go nasty and acidic in no time at all unless it’s put in a fridge as soon as its temperature is cool enough.  And so it dawned on me that I might have a problem with the raw eggs required in the tiramisu recipe.

Can you imagine the thought of food-poisoning a bunch of lovely kids on a cultural trip to Rome!  I knew the eggs I was buying were organic and first class and all the rest of (and I have to say that I’ve never had a problem with raw eggs in summer, whether I had them in a mayonnaise or in a tiramisu) but even so, I re-a-lly (the word is composed of three syllables — especially when one wants to underscore a point) did not relish the perish-the-thought prospect.  What to do?  I’m so glad I’m a genius …

Instead of using raw eggs … I made a baker’s custard: i.e. the crema pasticcera I wrote about earlier this month (15th May).  The crema pasticcera substituted the beaten eggs no problem at all and the tiramisu tasted just as delicious!  Phew!

I think most people know how to make a tiramisu so I am not going to write about ingredients and instructions.   I am only posting photographs to show how beautifully the crema pasticcera/baker’s custard version can work.  Incidentally, if you click on the photographs they will enlarge …

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