Hurry-Up Pasta – With Broccoletti and Tomatoes

Hurry-up pasta is the pasta one makes when one is in a hurry … duh! … and nearly always at lunch-time (most people are not in a hurry come supper-time).  It is made up of whatever is available in the fridge or left over from the day before.  Hurry-up pasta can never be such gourmet stuff as our dream meals are made on, but it is very pleasing for all that and never lets one down — it does a good job of satisfying one’s hunger and allows one to get with the rest of the day.

In this case it was some previously cooked green vegetables called ‘broccoletti’ in Italian and, very nastily to my mind, either Broccoli Rabe or Rapini in English — I assure you that broccoli rabe/rapini taste much better than they sound!  I had some fresh pasta that takes no time to cook (about 5 minutes) and the ubiquitous final touch to nearly all pastas: grated parmesan cheese.  It was all very reminiscent of ‘orecchiette alle cime di rapa’ which is Puglia’s signature pasta recipe.

Take a look …

First of all … turn the kettle on or put some water on the boil.  Second: chop up 2 or 3 large tomatoes.  Third: grate some parmesan cheese.  Four: chop up a large onion.  Five: pour a generous amount of olive oil into a sauté pan or saucepan large enough to hold 500g of pasta.  Steps 1 to 5 take approximately 10 minutes altogether.

Sauté a chopped up onion in plenty of olive oil …

Use a pair of scissors to cut up the broccoletti … it makes it easier to eat the pasta later on.

Add a few chopped up tomatoes once the onions have turned a beautiful golden colour (don’t let them go brown … ).

Add the broccoletti …

Then, put the fresh-pasta (in this case ‘orecchiette’) into a large saucepan or casserole:

and add salt and boiling water:

Not too much water: enough to barely cover the pasta.  At this point:

Add two or three ladles of the broccoletti sauce that has been cooking away and mix it into the pasta.  Anb when the pasta is nearly cooked:

Shower plenty of grated parmesan into the pasta.

Turn the heat off, mix, taste … add a little more salt of parmesan … voilà … hurry-up pasta is served!  Total preparation and cooking time: 15 minutes … I told you, it’s hurry up pasta!

P.S.  Here is a little info on broccoletti:


Rapini (also known as Broccoli Rabe (or Raap or Raab),


Broccoli di Rape,

Cime di Rapa,Rappi,

Friarielli (in Naples),

and Grelos)

is a common vegetable in the cuisines of Southern Italy (in particular Bari and Sicily), GaliciaChina, and Portugal.

The plant is a member of the Brassiceae tribe of the Brassicaceae, whose taxonomy is very difficult.

Rapini is classified scientifically as Brassica rapasubspecies rapa, in the same subspecies as the turnip, but has had various other designations, includingBrassica rapa ruvoBrassica rapa rapiferaBrassica ruvoBrassica campestris ruvo.

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