The Sheen of Green

I’ve dabbled in yoga, as I’m sure many people have, as a venue  for healthy exercise … and would never ever dream of purporting to be anything but a ‘dabbler’ when I say: is it any wonder that the Anahata fourth chakra, i.e. the heart chakra, is green?  Is it a coincidence that William Blake’s song Jerusalem speaks of “England’s mountains green”?  Is it, and I am REALLY pushing this one in terms of chance, a coincidence that one of the most famous of Italian patriots’ surname was “Verdi”, i.e. green?  Photosynthesis, chlorophyll, green pastures, jungles, green grass, green limes, green leaves in forests everywhere … Oh the sheen of green!  Green … is life!

Herbs!  Is there anything better than the green of herbs when it comes to food, i.e. putting heart into food, taste into food?  Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, marjoram, basil, oregano, chives … even the humblest of foods is made rich and special by the addition of a fresh herb.  Invest in herbs … your food will be glad you did!

I don’t have a garden.  I have a balcony.  Some people don’t even have a balcony.  But herbs will grow even on a window sill.  Give it a try … you won’t regret it.

Chives … just look at the lovely lavender colour of their flowers!

Rosemary on the left, basil on the right … fresh from the nursery, seeking a proper pot …

Mint from last year …

Marjoram from last year …

Look at the lovely colour of the sage flowers on the right!

These sage leaves can be fried in batter … yum!

Small vase of tarragon …

Oregano from last year …

Larger vase of show-off tarragon …

I love the sheen of green in Spring … it looks good and by golly, it tastes good!


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Community celebration via food, wine and all beautiful things.
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