Leftover Oxtail and pasta sauce

If you ever have any leftovers involving a meat dish, you can always add, the next day, a sauté of olive oil and either onion or garlic, and some plum tomatoes out of a can or fresh tomatoes if they are in season, and in less than it takes you to say ‘no time’ you will have a very sastisfying pasta sauce.  Add grated parmesan or pecorino cheese and Bob’s your uncle.

I had made ‘coda alla vaccinara’ the other night, using a pressure cooker, for my husband and myself.  Coda alla vaccinara is a very Roman way of cooking oxtail and is considered a bit of a treat by those who love it.  It takes a lot of time to cook (up to 4 hours).  Anyway, there was some of this oxtail dish left over and so I deboned as much of the meat as I could and turned it into a pasta sauce which we had for Sunday lunch.  Delicious!

That white ‘bit’ you see, is a little piece of pecorino cheese that fell into the sauce … no worries.

Here is the oxtail leftover sauce … as you can see, it’s quite thick.

Water on the boil …

Serving dish ready …

Pasta ready …

Grated pecorino romano ready …

I cooked the pasta and drained it directly into the sauce, adding a little bit of the cooking water.

Then I grated some more pecorino cheese, again directly into the pasta.

I gave it a good stir, and left the heat on until the pasta had absorbed as much of the sauce as it could (about 1-2 minutes).

On the table …

Sprig of mint and a few sage flowers for decoration …

What a great way to illustrate the ol’ adage … waste not, want not.

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