Ricotta and spinach ravioli – part 2

Now that the ravioli are ready to be cooked — let’s cook them!

Get the water boiling and add the right amount of salt.  Grate some parmesan cheese.  Cut up the tomatoes.  Get some olive oil and some butter.  Get some herbs from your balcony or garden.   Optional: get yourself a Bloody Mary (just to remind you: this was the Sunday AFTER the Saturday night … and I couldn’t have done it without the bloody mary).  Get someone to tell you how wonderful you are for even thinking of making home-made pasta and make sure he or she sets the table too!

Slide them in.  Cooking time is approximately 3-4 minutes but this depends on the sfoglia.  It could even take a little more time.


On the left is a bowl with some butter in it …

You can see the cut up tomatoes on the left …

The hot ravioli will make the butter melt into a delicious sauce …

Add the tomatoes and the herbs …

Some grated parmesan cheese …

Lots of parmesan cheese!  This is also the time to add salt and pepper.


Keep a bottle of olive oil nearby …

Drizzle a little olive oil …

And so next time your imagination is flagging and you are not feeling too inspired … you could do worse than to resort to spinach and ricotta ravioli!

About myhomefoodthatsamore

Community celebration via food, wine and all beautiful things.
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