Rice fritters with leftover risotto

I had a wisdom tooth extracted not so long ago and so, as soon as I was able to eat ‘solids’ again, I opted for a risotto for lunch.  It happened to be a risotto made with sausage and pumpkin and sage leaves, all good ingredients for taste and for post-operative ‘build up’.  The fact that risotto has a nursery-food texture to it was made up by the ‘full’ bodied taste of the sausage, sage and parmesan cheese.  Whatever.  It was good, we all ate it, some had a double helping … and even so there were leftovers.  Very little actually … but when it comes to rice fritters, rice balls or ‘supplì’ as they are called around Rome… a little goes a long way.  Take a look !

Breadcrumbs and eggs in the background, cut up mozzarella and leftover risotto in the foreground.

Put some flour in one basin, and the breadcrumbs in the other…

Beat the eggs.  Then, using a spoon, put enough of the risotto as will fit on the palm of your hand.

Press hard with the back of the spoon.

Plop a little piece of mozzarella in the middle…

Curl your hand so that the mozzarella gets enveloped into a coat of risotto, and then squeeze both hands together to form a ball…

Voilà !

Roll the supplì in the flour, dust it well … the flour acts like a sheath, so that when it comes to frying, the oil won’t be able to penetrate.  Also, the flour acts like a sticky surface for the egg wash to cling to …

Roll the supplì around in the beaten egg, coat it well …

Fun and games in the bread crumbs … roll it well !

And here it is, ready to be fried.  Make up the rest of the batch in the same way …

Not too scruffy !!!

And, one last thing before frying: put the supplì in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes.  That will ‘tighten’ them a little so that they don’t fall apart in the midst of being fried.  If you like, you can freeze them for future use.  But not in a ceramics container, and certainly not a beautiful one like that in the picture !!!

Fry the leftover-risotto suppli in plenty of hot oil and serve dangerously hot … the mozzarella will melt and all the flavours will conjoin and you might scorch your palate a little … but it will be worth it!


Make sure the oil is very hot before frying and use a slotted spoon the gently plop the suppli into the oil so you don’t burn yourself.

See how the oil bubbles merrily away …

Drain the fried suppli’ … Here I am using an absorbent paper called ‘carta paglia’ in Italian, which means ‘paper the colour of hay’.

And here they are ready to be enjoyed … I knocked a little bit off one of the suppli’ to show the mozzarella awaiting within ….

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