The queen of sauces

Bechamel.  Bechamel is the queen of all sauces.

Ordinary home cooks and TV celebrity cooks who get all snotty about bechamel and pretend it’s something that used to be trendy and indispensable ONLY in the past … are very silly.  Bechamel is not trendy and never was, bechamel is regal and knows her place.  Bechamel will be around for generations to come and that’s why ‘proper’ cooks, who can discern between fads and tradition, won’t bat an eyelid if a recipe requires a dollop of bechamel.  They know how good it is …

Time was and kitchen people people could get a little self satisfied over the difficulty of making bechamel.  Now, that’s silly too … bechamel or white sauce is very easy to prepare: take a look !

You will need flour, butter and milk.  You will need these three ingredients in proportion to one another.  You will need the same amounts of butter and flour multipled by 10 times that amount of milk.  In this case: I measured 30g or flour, 30g of butter and 300ml of milk (i.e. 10 times the amount of 30).

I also added some grated nutmeg … this little contraption is my nutmeg grater !!!

Here is the butter and flour in the saucepan …

Then I added some grated nutmeg and salt …

Then I poured in the milk.  As easy as that.  Turn the heat on and ….

Whisk and whisk … you can see the butter about to melt and some flour hanging about ….

keep whisking ….

And here is the bechamel at the end of 4 minutes!

Perfect consistency.  Smooth and tasty and ready to be incorporated into whatever rich-tasting recipe.

And all this from the following humble ingredients !

Post Scriptum: Here is another post on the subject, a few years later, glad we’re on the same page (ha ha ha!) :–O1w-SpCFPII_XYTgoeTGI2BT-i4BRZNkY93fLxmjUVo2vrcruMT9hK6wAL8GZhMGm5j5SgjdGOqx9KlA_FJ_bJ_-yGQ&_hsmi=6954129


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5 Responses to The queen of sauces

  1. Liz Macri says:

    So simple!
    When I’ve made bechamel in the past it’s always been very labour intensive….I melted the butter, mixed in the flour and then I slowly added the preheated milk to the pot…….so at times I avoided making this sauce.
    Now that you’ve shown me this easy method I’m going to prepare it without thinking twice!

  2. Jack Diden says:

    Thanks, got here looking for lasagna tips but this is already very useful! I’ll probably have bechamel, mozzarella & parmesan in my lasagna today, but if I could there’d probably be Asiago and other cheeses as well (I wonder if a thing like a “lasagna quattro formaggi” exists)

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