the merits of moderation

Christmas has come and gone, New Year’s Eve has come and gone and I am almost 100 percent well again.  I wish I could have claimed, as Madame Hortense did, raising and sniffing her nose in indignation, in the film Zorba the Greek, “We ‘ave NOT ze bugs!” when someone dared question the hygienic standards of her ramshackle self-styled ‘Hotel Ritz’ in Crete. 

We, alas, did indeed ‘ave ze bug in our family midst — and as of Boxing Day various members succumbed one after the other to its emetic and diarrhoetic consequences.  I do really hate ze bug anyway but think it’s existentially rotten that it should attack at this time of year, disrupting festivities and laying people low like that.  I did my very best to fight back with a fiery spirit … and the fiery spirits of a succession of martini cocktails seemed to do the trick — never underestimate the power of gin when it comes to germs.  I have been feeling very tired and out of whack for the last few days but at least I beat ze bug!

It is always a humbling moment when one is reminded of the forceful importance of good health and no one needs me to remind them of how important good food is for good health.  This said, it is also true that good health requires a surfeit of good food and drink, a little excess to give an edge to our existence.  It is my firm conviction that I managed to beat ze bug thanks to a good intake of martini cocktails but I would not be so foolish as to carry on imbibing the stuff full time.  Likewise, copious platefuls of food eaten at all times of day is the very thing during festive celebrating —  but one would be an idiot to make a habit of it.  So if there is one concept I would like to impart with my very first post of the year, then that would be “moderation”. 

A little of what you fancy does indeed do you an immense amount of good.  Let’s remember that and enjoy our good health.

A very good year to us all!  cheers!


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