Insalata di Gamberoni with Kiwi Fruit

Gamberetti = shrimps

Gamberi = prawns

Gamberoni = large or king prawns

I suppose one could make this dish with gamberi (ordinary prawns) just as well … but sometimes, I think that size does matter and so I chose to make this salad with the gamberoni.  And size isn’t all … freshness too is paramount here.  I don’t want to be a snob about it and I do use frozen fish but if one is going to make a prawn salad, then fresh is best and forget the frozen rest (which has the consistency of rubber).  The only drawbacks to fresh gamberoni are (a) the price and (b) the fact that one has to shell each of the little creatures and remove the thin dark vein that runs down their back.  On the plus side, the discarded shells or carapace of whatever they are called, are the just the thing for making fish stock which can then be frozen and put away for future use.

I had prepared a similar salad before using strawberries to accompany the gamberi, on a bed of lamb’s lettuce salad — and thought I would venture this time with grapefruit.  But the grapefruit I was landed with which looked so come hither with its peel on (just goes to show, doesn’t it) turned out to be quite revolting once I peeled it and so I chose the kiwi fruit instead.

I love the vibrancy of the colours of the end result and so did my guests who also commented positively on both the taste, freshness and texture of this seafood salad.

Once you have prepared the gamberoni (i.e. removed their shells and deveined them), mince a couple of cloves of garlic and sauté them in a frying pan with some olive oil and a few cherry tomatoes and chilli flakes.  Don’t let the garlic burn, just turn golden … then add the gamberoni.

After only a few minutes, they will be cooked and shrink to asmaller size:

Do not overcook the gamberoni (4-5 minutes is plenty). Add salt and white pepper.  And transfer into a bowl.

Then clean some arugula/rocket leaves :

And get your serving plate and kiwi fruit ready :

And the dish can now be assembled.

First lay out the arugula/rocket leaves and then add slices of the kiwi fruit (please excuse that large grapefruit on the right … that’s the one that turned out to be inedible) ….

Finish off the dish with the gamberoni and then spoon the sauce they were cooked in to dress the salad.  You could even add a few drops of lemon to it.  But make sure the tomatoes don’t go into the salad — they were only added to give flavour to the sauce.

Brigh hey?!!  We served this at room temperature but you could chill it in the fridge for a while if you prefer it that way.  A good dish to prepare for ladies who lunch and are forever on a diet!


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