Bright salad for dark days: Oranges and Fennel Salad

In the days of yore, before all kinds of foods were available all year round and not just when in season, it used to be that green salad (lettuce and all its leafy cousins) was only eaten during the warmer months.  So, in winter, depending on the region in Italay, one made do with with what was available.  My grandmother often made an orange salad.  An orange cut into slices (not segments), seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Some people added dry oregano and olives are also a normal addition.

Fennel is readily available during winter months and can be eaten raw or cooked.  A fennel, orange and radicchio salad is very nice.  The salad we prepared for the Boston Open Day at the showroom was made up of sliced oranges and fennel, topped by shavings of parmesan cheese and the ubiquitous olive oil (extra virgin of course).   So easy to prepare, such a delight to behold, and diet friendly to boot … what more can you ask for?

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1 Response to Bright salad for dark days: Oranges and Fennel Salad

  1. Libby Morris says:

    It looks so beautiful!!

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