A clever Wintry Roman-Style Antipasto – Ricotta, Pancetta and Guanciale

By clever, I mean that the execution of the recipe is very very easy and the result quite quite charmingly yummy, given the humble ingredients.

We are talking about ricotta cheese, pecorino romano cheese, pancetta and roman broccoli.

Boil or steam the broccoli florets and allow to cool.

Grate some pecorino cheese and beat it into the ricotta cheese.  Taste and add salt and pepper, as much or as little as desired.

Cut the pancetta into little strips and cook until crisp in a little olive oil.

Assemble and serve.

No rocket science behind this recipe and yet it can give an incredible lift-off to a wintry evening’s meal.

Here are the broccoli florets that have just been steamed.

Here are the strips of pancetta that have been fried until crisp … and please do not throw away their fat and the oil it was cooked in!

Here is the ricotta di pecora (ewe’s ricotta cheese)

The ricotta is placed inside a bowl together with some grated pecorino cheese, a touch of olive oil, salt and pepper.  Use a fork to whisk it all together.

Time to assemble everything: put a little mound of the mixed ricotta and pecorino in the middle of the plate, garner a ring of broccoli around it, and top the mound with the strips of crisp piancetta.  Pour a little of the pancetta fat/oil over the dish …

Ready to serve …


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