Making crespelle batter for a school fundraising dinner

I ended up using 7 lt of milk which entailed cracking 56 eggs … not the sort of thing one does every day, and not without help either, but last Friday it was fun.  Here are the photos of how we made the batter:

8 eggs per lt of milk … and there is the melted butter that is to be added to the batter to avoid having to grease the pan before cooking each crepe …

sieving the flour first

pinch of salt — salt brings out ALL flavours in foods, even in sweet foods …

cracking eggs first

vroom vroom vroom,  mixing with an electric whisk

pour in the milk slowly and carry on mixing

When the egg and milk are smoothly mixed, use a ladle to pour some of this into the flour … rule of thumb: POUR THE WET INTO THE DRY (and not vice versa).  Add very little wet at first, and mix slowly and thoroughly to avoid lumps in the batter.

Notice that we’ve put a folded dish cloth/T-towel under the bowl.  This is to keep it from slipping away from you while you whisk.

The batter is ready to receive its melted golden butter …The batter, now ready, gets poured into a milk bottle.

A bottle of white milk on the left one minute … and a bottle of creamy golden crespelle batter next!

Here is the loot I took to the school … 56 eggs and 7 lt of milk later … our homely crespelle made a profit of EU 80 that evening … not bad.

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