Big Mac on Tuesday, fish day

Traditionally, fish (as in fresh fish and as opposed to meat) has been eaten in Italy especially on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I don’t know what got into me today, maybe it’s because the empty-nest syndrome is playing hide and seek with me but … this morning, after having bid my lovely post-graduate student daughter bye-bye after a short stay, and wanting to look on the bright side of life, all I could think was … “well, it’s Tuesday … I suppose I may as well cook fish tonight.”  So off I trotted in our little cinquecento car uphill to a fishmonger’s at Grottaferrata … and then went to the covered market at Grottaferrata for vegetables … and ended up buying a lot more than was warranted for a meal for my husband and myself.  Why why why? I ask myself.  And my other self answers, “Silly … it’s because …” That’s why.  In other words, don’t ask.

And don’t ask why I was even tempted to buy two mackerels … the big macs!  They call them “sgombro” or even “maccarello” in Italian and they are know as “pesci azzurri”, azure fish.  I suppose the azure refers to the lovely sheen on their skins.  All “azure” fish, such as mackerel (big mac) and anchovies and sardines are very good for you, lots of omega numbers in them.  And they are relatively inexpensive.

It’s just that I never know what to do with a mackerel “big mac”.  So, ignoring the sensible prompting of  my “why why why why-are-you-doing-this?” self … I  bought two of the little blighters and tried to be creative with them once I got home.

I semi boiled one of them, and grilled the other.  T o accompany this little experiment, I cooked a potato and some squash to make a potato-squash puré, adding oil and salt and pepper and a sage leaf. I also made some mayonnaise to which I added finely chopped herbs from the balcony (it was dark  by then so I don’t know quite which herbs I ended up chopping … probably marjoram and thyme and some parsely).  And finally, I know that end of october is hardly the season for strawberries … but there they were, on the stall at the market, just beckoning with their vibrant colour.  How could one resist … and besides, strawberries are fantastic for dealing with residual fishy tastes that might otherwise linger on the palate …

See what I mean about the strawberries … ?

The big macs —


cooked and ….

skin peeled off with the aid of two spoons.


The other big mag gets grilled …


And now time to eat … pink on the table to garner a little of the vie-en-rose …

The mayonnaise is in the glass …

Shame I didn’t have any fresh ginger … it would have added a lovely zing to the squash puré … but all in all, healthy and tasty.  And the strawberries were just the thing to finish off …

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