part two of the abbacchio alla cacciatora

While the lamb was braising away, with its lid on, I cut up 4 artichokes … which are no big deal this time of year … even so, I love them.  I took the outer leaves off and sliced each carciofo as thinly as I could and sautéd the lot in a saucepan with some olive oil, salt and pepper — that’s it.

The entire enterprise took about 1 hour : INCLUDING the photography!!!  you just can’t beat “simple” food sorry!  That’s why it’s handed down from generation to generation … duh …

Here are some more photos which are self explanatory showing the dish came to completion :

nice colour aren’t they?  Notice the lid on the braising lamb …

Dinner is served – on a nice large serving plate with a great chunk of Lariano bread …

The artichokes are crispy in parts …

Buon appetito ! (which, if you are posh, you are not supposed to say … but who cares …)

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Community celebration via food, wine and all beautiful things.
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2 Responses to part two of the abbacchio alla cacciatora

  1. pino says:

    come si fa a conoscerti?

  2. Come diceva Alberto Sordi nel film “Nel segno di Venere” :

    “Non dir, non dir! ….

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