Picnic Divino

The ‘picnic’ went very well I’m glad to say … there were salads on the table, some crudités to dip into a wonderful olive oil seasoned with coarse sea salt and pepper (“pinzimonio”) and another dip hailing from Piedmont, the “bagna cauda” made up from anchovies, garlic, a little bit of butter and olive oil which are all simmered together into what looks like brown mush … which tastes delicious and is served hot! There were three salads: one of freselle bread soaked in water to which tomatoes, basil leaves and burrata cheese was added, and seasoned with olive oil. Then there was the humble spelt/emmerwheat salad with cherry tomatoes, arugula and oil and lemon juice. And finally a cuscus salad which was soaked in the juice of mussels … to which the mussels were added as well as red onion rings, cherry tomatoes and a dressing make of olive oil and redwine vinegar (balsamic would have killed this salad) … To keep these dips and salads company, there were fried baby pizzas with rosemary … And this was just to get everyone in the mood ….

About myhomefoodthatsamore

Community celebration via food, wine and all beautiful things.
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1 Response to Picnic Divino

  1. charlotte says:

    wonderfull Jo, I miss you

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