A picnic at home

What do you do when you have 22 people over for ‘luncheon’ on a Saturday and your apartment is about 1,000 sq ft?  You organise a stand-up buffet, I suppose.  And you can pretend you are outdoors and turn it into a picnic.  Nice one … especially since the venue for this ‘picnic’ isn’t even my own home but somebody else’s 18km down the road from me in the historic centre of Rome.

A Roman indoor picnic … mmmm.

Ideas any one? And don’t forget, I have to transport the fare to the apartment too …


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3 Responses to A picnic at home

  1. Alanna says:

    When I think picnic, I think red gingham tablecloths, which you find also at many Roman trattorias…

    Beautiful displays of grapes and cheese at different levels visually. Allowing people to nibble at random. As it’s fall, a bountiful harvest picnic?

    It’s lunch or I would say, a Roman feast. Sounds like you’ll need to do lots of assembly at the location.

    So here’s my ideas off the top of the head!

  2. love the ideas at the top of your head, thank you!

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